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Locksmith Testimonials

Make a decision that will change your life and give you the successful business you deserve.

Great fun, learned a lot while having fun in a professional environment with experts with years of experience. Highly recommended. Great value for money. Brilliant fun. Well organised. - Steve Lunn

“I've been to a different course, before but the manager and the rest of his team are simply the best. They teach you the right way without cutting any corners.They are always happy to reply to any questions you have I would recommend to anyone who wants to be their own boss, the same course elsewhere charges you thousands of pounds and you don't learn as much. It's a good value for the money.” - Khadar Sweetman

“I started the course sceptical as to what I was walking into and whether I needed to have some general or basic knowledge of the trade. However, the teachers assure you first thing that no knowledge is required. They can quite literally teach you all the aspects of the trade that you will need. All you need to bring is your willingness to learn. Overall, I'm extremely impressed with the course. You learn an insane amount over a couple days and they give you time to practice at their facilities so you can really get the hang of it and feel confident to go out and do the job. I've learnt more than I thought possible and now I'm excited and prepared to progress into my new career knowing what im getting myself into. Thanks to, Tommy, Neil and Alex. You're all extremely welcoming, straight-forward and real good at your jobs.” - Alfie Naddeo

Locksmith course

Trainee locksmiths talk about learning to become a locksmith in the UK

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